Vampira - C++ / Allegro 3D Action RPG

Programming : Syn9, Bjørn, Fling-Master, with contributions by Rel and Drunken Coder.

3D Modelling : Syn9, Topa Fari

The demon hunter Marik has arrived to the lands of Vampira to slaughter the demon horde... or something...

This project was made about 2 years ago and had quite a bit of help from several people to bring the engine from the godemo4 stage to c++.

A comment from RPGDX.NET ::
  &Nbsp; Review by Rooter - 3 / 10
Buggy. Engine's a mess. Gameplay is non-existant. Why was this released? It looked really promising in just engine demos but it came out as this.... take some time to actually make a game.


I completely agree. I could have made this game much much more. Unfortunately I was on a VERY strict deadline, heh, it was literally impossible for me to continue development on this game for atleast 8 months after the release date. Due to this fact I put out the game and have not been able to update it at all.

Theres not much to this game, just run around and kill enemies with a crossbow.
Vampira 20.7MB