RoboSculpt is a program for creating rudimentary robot models out of smaller components. This program is designed for working with my future projects, but I'm releasing it publicly in the event that anyone else wants to use it.
RoboSculpt - v 0.1 - By - Syn9
Released: 06/07/2010

Created by Daniel Kennedy (Syn9)
Copyright (c) 2010 - Daniel Kennedy

Basic Instructions

To access the program menu, move the mouse over
the bar on the right that says Menu

Press N to add new bones.

Right click on a bone to select.

Press TAB to switch between bone and component

click on a component on the left side to add it
to the current bone.

Press DEL to delete the selected bone or component.

While a component is selected, hold S and drag one
of the axis to scale.

To duplicate a bone, select the bone, press C,
create a new bone or select the destination bone,
press P to paste.

Copy/Paste components work the same as bones.

To rotate the viewport, hold the middle mouse
button and drag.

To zoom in/out of the scene, scroll the mouse
wheel up/down.

To move a bone to a different parent bone, use
the keypad +/- keys.

  Change Log: (+) Added (-) Removed (*) Modified
  v 0.2
  (*) - Fixed left click bug on widgets and the
  component list.
  (*) - Pasting a new component now auto selects
  the pasted component.
RoboSculpt v0.2 684KB