Syn9's Gorevania
by Hideout Studios

syn9 [at] dev9.net

Version 1.1 - 12/07/08

Syn9's Gorevania was programmed in two weeks for a zombie game
programming competition with the developer's from Hideout Studios.

Programmed in FreeBasic

Uses GLFW for Graphics and Fmod for Sound

How To Play
Use your shotgun and grenade launcher to blast away at the zombies.
Pickup the medical box to regain health. If you get bit by a zombie
your infection bar will begin to rise. Stop it from rising by picking
up a needle. Make sure to grab all the shotgun shells and grenades
you find so you dont run out of ammo.

Remember, stand too close to one of your grenades and you'll hurt
yourself too. >P

Left - Left Arrow
Right - Right Arrow
Jump - Up Arrow
Fire Shotgun - Space
Fire Grenade - CTRL
Aim Grenade - Up/Down Arrow
Pause - ESC/P

Lead Programmer - Daniel Kennedy (Syn9)
Assistant Programmers - Dr_D, Quinton Roberts (Eclipzer)
Texture Artist - Syn9
Sprite Artists - Deleter, Chaoxor
Beta Testers - Deleter, BadMrBox, nkk_kan
Assistant Game Designer - Alias
Music - Title Song - Chaoxor
      - Gameplay Song - Syn9 & MetalRedneck
Sound FX - http://www.soundsnap.com

The Hideout Studios Team
Syn9, Eclipzer, Deleter, HexDude!, BadMrBox, Dr_D
nkk_kan, Topa, Chaoxor, Alias, SSC, Nexinarus

Shout Outs
HexDude!, Deleter, BadMrBox, Kiz, Dr_D, Aenyn, nkk_kan, Topa, RelSoft, Chaoxor
Eclipzer, Sarpedon, cha0s, Alias, SSC, Nexinarus, Marcade, V1ctor, Lachie
Syn9's Gorevania 11.5MB http://syn9.thehideoutgames.com/download/zombie/Gorevania_v1.1.zip