glfw City Demo
This was spawned out of one of my attempts to make an engine for Zero GTR. At the time the game was called Zero G Academy. I was attempting to make an engine where you could fly around the city instead of being tied to the track... but I found myself always flying the jet along the track and rarely going out to the buildings. heh

I ended up canning it and moving on to a fly on track engine.

arrow keys

complex explanation of keys:
-left/right arrows control left/right engine tilt
-up arrow controls rear engine tilt and thrust flaps
-down arrow is for brake, all engines tilt down and thrust is provided in reverse
-s/f control left/right engine thrust flaps
-d shuts all flaps causing the ship to drop

simple explanation of keys
hold s+f to get some lift, let go to hover, hit d to drop, up arrow to go forward, use left/right arrow keys to turn and down to brake
glfw City Demo 82KB