Prompt Critical
Prompt Critical is a space shooter with beautiful visuals, a pounding soundtrack and frenetic gameplay. 100% guaranteed to woop your butt like oldschool gameplay should.

Prompt Critical v1.04
by Daniel M Kennedy (syn9)
Hideout Productions / Team Synergy
syn9 [at]

Requirements - 

  5MB Disk Space
  Windows NT/XP/2K
  OpenGL Supported Video Card

  By running this software you accept that the developers make no
  guarantee that this software will run properly on all computers
  and accept no liability to any damages that may occur due to
  operation of the software.

  - Respectfully,
    Daniel Kennedy - Hideout Productions / Team Synergy

09 OCT 08 - Update v1.04
28 SEP 08 - Update v1.02
22 SEP 08 - Initial Release v1.00

Programmed in FreeBasic -
Uses OpenGL and Fmod.

How to play this game - 

  You are orbiting a worm hole and an enemy is coming through. It is
  your job to destroy them. Most of the time they fire homing bullets
  but sometimes they release a bullet bomb. If you do not shoot the
  incoming bullets they will take your health down.

  When you see the blue star shoot it. You will receive a random powerup
  which can be health, missiles, or shields.

  Destroying the environment and accuracy give you bonus points. As well
  as not getting hit.

Controls -

  Mouse Look
  Shoot          - Left Click / Spacebar
  Switch Weapon  - Right Click
  Pause          - ESC / P


  Health - Outter lefthand bar
  Clock  - Inner lefthand bar
  Ammo   - Inner Righthand bar
  Shield - Outter Righthand bar

Credits -

  Programming - Daniel Kennedy (syn9)
  Game Engine - syn9
  3D Models - syn9
  Music & Sound FX - syn9
  Game Design - syn9
  Assistant Game Design - Quinton Roberts (Eclipzer)
  Game Clock - Eclipzer
  OBJ Model Loader - syn9 / Dr_D
  Beta Testing - Eclipzer / Deleter

Shout Outs -

  Eclipzer, v1ctor, Topa, Aenyn, Rel, Alias, Lachie, Marcade, Dr_D
  Deleter, HexDude, Kiz, BadMrBox, Cha0s, SSC, Pete, bje990

Update v1.04 - 09 OCT 08

 - Fixed timeout death bug after defeating boss
 - Fixed snake disappear bug

Update v1.02 - 28 SEP 08

 - Added online score board
 - Can set default player name and team name
 - Can set HUD color and alpha
 - Revamped title screen song
 - Enemies can no longer shoot you in the back
 - Easier to shoot incoming bullets when they are about to hit you
 - Slowed enemies down
 - HUD includes descriptive text
 - Fixed new high score bug
 - New High Score window tells you your rank
 - Slowed down bullet particles and made them dark red
 - Fixed screen close bug
 - Fixed cancel bug in options
 - Added missile SFX
 - Added better explosion SFX
 - Added intro logo animations
 - Fixed no win bug
Prompt Critical v1.04 Installer 3.3MB
Prompt Critical v1.04 ZIP Archive 3.2MB
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