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Hideout News
09 Aug 2020
Syn9's Hideout is back online. I've been working dominantly in C++ for the last decade working on games, art, and music. I'm going to attempt to start updating this site more regularly.
31 Dec 2008
New years Eve 2008. Well, I've given up FreeBasic, instead I'm moving over to C#. This will still be my website though. Tonight I'm changing the layout a bit and releasing some previously unreleased FB Engines/Demos/Source.
05 Dec 2008
New face on the TOP 5! Great Job DT. I need to beef up my skills again, I'm about to be ousted!
19 Nov 2008
Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Vic Viper for beating the 5+? week scoreboard domination by Pritchard. And on No Mercy! Great job to both of you for some seriously bad ass twitch skills
09 Oct 2008
Prompt Critical v1.04 is out today. Fixed 2 bugs associated with the end boss.
23 Sep 2008
I'm back from sea and I have a brand new game! Check it out: Prompt Critical
15 Jun 2008
Its time for me to do my disappearing act again. I'll be back in Sept.
17 May 2008
The new look of Syn9's Hideout goes live. There are still problems to fix, but I hope you enjoy the new look and are patient while I polish the site up. Thanks
About Syn9's Hideout
This website has been around for several years now. The name was originally coined by Pete Berg when he added me to his links section. He referred to this site as my 'hideout'. It stuck ever since.

The intention of this site is for the public to view projects I am working on as well as download old relics and maybe a few tutorials when I get around to making them.

Note that some of the older QB stuff will not run on newer systems or cause them to crash.

Thanks - Daniel Kennedy (Syn9)
email: contact [at] thehideoutgames.com